Techorbit provides strategic and innovative PeopleSoft solutions by combining business-process knowledge, product insight and technology skills. Our solutions enable business value and provides the competitive edge to respond to dynamic business environments.

We provide services to several Private, State, and higher-education clients to maximize their business performance through seamless integration of strategic change, process improvements, and technology solutions.

Our Experience

Techorbit has the proven track record of project staffing and implementation to help you get the most from a PeopleSoft information technology system. Our consultants strive incessantly to expand our strategic PeopleSoft implementation capabilities, as the following examples illustrate:

  • Participation in every PeopleSoft release testing program, including releases 7.x and 8.x, to gain current PeopleSoft product knowledge and provide our implementation expertise to the version-testing process.
  • Involvement in project staffing for HRMS, EPM and Portal Solutions.
  • Techorbit's quality, value, innovation, and partnership approach has benefited many customers.

Techorbit Expertise in PeopleSoft

  • PeopleSoft HRMS
  • PeopleSoft Financials
  • PeopleSoft EPM
  • PeopleSoft Portal Solutions

The Methodology and Tools

Techorbit uses industry standard and proven methodologies to track every step of the system life cycle from planning to project rollout. Our methodology is tailored to each client.

Our implementation accelerators include

  • Industry standard templates
  • Center of Excellence

The Team

Our people are responsible for the success we deliver to our clients; that's why our PeopleSoft professionals are a notable source of differentiation. Several attributes reflect this differentiation, including the number of practitioners.

The success of our consultants is attributed to the level of experience, the breadth and depth of their expertise, and their commitment: We have more than 50 dedicated PeopleSoft practitioners, and this talent pool is the force behind our philosophy of global resources, deployed locally.

  • Fully trained in the latest versions of PeopleSoft tools, EPM and methodology, project management, and real-world project examples. Our consultants have an average of 4.5 years of PeopleSoft experience.
  • And more than 70 percent of them have completed at least three PeopleSoft projects.
  • Our consultants have experience with a range of technical platforms/architectures.

The knowledge, expertise and extensive experience makes our consultants unique and capable of solving the most complex business problems faced by our clients.

Oracle Apps

Techorbit has extensive knowledge of Oracle Applications including functional and technical expertise along with best practices for implementing, upgrading, customizing and supporting your applications in a cost effective and reliable manner.

Techorbit can help you to improve the efficiency of your Oracle Applications installation through rapid implementations of new Oracle Applications modules in Finance, Manufacturing, and eProcurement.

Oracle Applications is an integrated family of application products that share a common look and feel. Using the menus and windows of Oracle Applications, you have access to all of the functions you need to manage business information. The latest release 11i is the internet applications suite that allows companies to run their worldwide operations from a single, centrally managed site with a Unicode database, and single code line for all localizations. It provides Internet Computing Architecture, which is a framework for 3-Tier, distributed computing architecture that supports Oracle Applications products.

Techorbit has the following services to offer

Utilizing our time-tested and proven implementation methodology, we can help define and analyze your business processes, develop project management plans and implement the applications based on your organization's requirements. Techorbit's experienced functional professionals will analyze not only the business processes, but also existing systems, which can be replaced.

Once implemented, Techorbit will provide skilled development professionals for custom development to enhance the benefit and value of your Oracle Applications. Our developers are experienced in the use of various Oracle tools to supplement the existing suite of Oracle Applications. Using our flexible sourcing model, we can ensure that you have access to the development resources that you need to enhance the functionality of your implementation.

Key to the ability to deliver on an aggressive time scale is our proven model of established and operational centers both here in the U.S and our off-shore facility located at Hyderabad, India.

Upgrades, Enhancements and Maintenance
Upgrading and applying enhancements represent a formidable effort in terms of dedicated resources and also the application down time needed to achieve this. This affects the overall reliability, scalability, accessibility and effectiveness of your Oracle Applications installation.

To help organizations plan for upgrades and enhancements, our team of highly experienced professionals can efficiently and cost effectively plan and implement your Oracle Applications extensions and upgrades to Oracle Applications 11i. Our service models give you the tools, methodology and expertise needed to achieve this on schedule while saving you significant upgrade costs and this would also free your resources to focus on core business tasks.