Web Services

Web Services revolutionize the ways in which applications interact and, ultimately, the ways in which they are built. This phenomenon not only promises to impact application integration and development inside organizations but also across firewalls, making it possible to dramatically simplify and streamline inter-company interactions, apart from being cost effective. Web Services bring tremendous benefits to the marketplace by creating a standardized interface between disparate applications and access devices given the vast numbers of teams, applications, and content types that need to be managed worldwide in a global enterprise.

Interoperability is not the only required goal - or solution - it will be an important part in a mission critical business solution. Factors such as workflow, business processes, data transportation, transmission integrity and security all play a vital role in the determination of an overall solution in an ever changing business scenario. Techorbit with a successful track record in handling various Integration Projects for our client's believe that the emergence of Web Services marks an extension and an evolution of integration technologies.

Techorbit provides complete custom interoperability and integration solutions for Enterprise clients with disparate, diverse and discrete systems built using various technologies. We develop software to bridge loosely coupled world of Web services with the mission-critical demands of enterprise computing.

Techorbit Delivers

Techorbit, will assess your business processes, technical infrastructure, application semantics and implementation specific requirements and suggest, develop and implement suitable solutions based on the available and published standards for Web services. We will assist you in developing frameworks for new and existing applications using our expertise with industry standard tools and protocols like XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

Our Services include but not limited to

  • Web Services Vision & Strategy
  • Evaluate and assess existing applications/infrastructure
  • Design of enterprise level Web Services based on a Service Oriented Architecture and tool selection
  • Implementation of Web Services
  • Maintenance and improvisations
Web Services