Dexterous candidates are looking out for a company that lives up to their dreams. Dynamic companies are looking out for skilled talent that will make a difference. Connecting the two is our job. As your workforce solutions partner, Techorbit broadly studies the requirements of the company and by multiple procurement methods, arrives at the right fit. Our exhaustive database of skilled technology candidates helps us serve some of the top companies pushing for growth, further and faster.

At the same time, we constantly train ourselves and keep abreast of technological shifts in your sector for a better understanding of your requirements. Therefore, we are able to connect employers and potential employees and speak the same sector-specific language ourselves. With Techorbit, you can increase the compliance and the risk that you’d run with a full-cycle. We are a centralized solution providing consistent managing experience, apart from staffing you and thereby providing you with a more holistic experience than the cliched, highly siloed one. In this, we promise to be as forward-thinking as you are. Gain the competitive advantage with Techorbit.

What We Offer

  • SAP Implementation Services

    Partner with Industry veterans for a predictable outcome

    Techorbit Inc., offers SAP implementation services, which involve deploying and configuring SAP software to meet the specific needs of a business. This includes tasks such as system design, data migration, and testing. The goal is to ensure that the SAP system is implemented successfully and is fully functional.           

    Technical details include project scoping, requirements gathering, system configuration, data migration, and testing. SAP implementation services may also include training and change management support.

  • SAP Consulting Services
  • SAP Application Management Services
  • SAP Cloud Services
  • SAP Support Services
  • SAP Migration Services
  • SAP Testing Services
  • SAP DB Migration Services
  • SAP Integration Services
  • SAP Custom Development Services
  • SAP Training Services
  • SAP Staff Augmentation Services
  • SAP Custom code Cleaning and Optimization
  • Industries Specific Solutions

How we Do it

At Techorbit , we’ve got the broad talent and extensive expertise only a large, established organization can offer. At the same time, we provide flexibility and accessibility, typically only available from a much smaller company.
In this way, we bridge the gaps between business, people, and technology to deliver real bottom-line value in your world.

What You Get

We work closely with your team to define processes, set-up performance SLAs, and design local and national recruitment strategies.

  • A thoughtfully curated technology experts for you to complement your core teams.
  • Leveraging our extensive talent pool, industry-specialized expertise, and your brand, we find that “purple squirrel” for you.
  • Employee Care team to proactively manage workers throughout the engagement life cycle, ensuring timely issue resolution, higher motivation level, and reduced attrition.
  • A dedicated stewardship team to optimize each and every project to reduce costs, accelerate outputs, and avoid pitfalls to give you the peace of mind of knowing your ultimate success is our priority.