Staffing clinical research and scientific roles takes specialized expertise and extraordinary recruiting bandwidth. Techorbit has both. We can place the right talent at the right time to support your projects, research, and staffing shortages. The result? You meet your workflow demands—and exceed the competition.

Techorbit is more than a scientific and clinical recruitment company. We’re a partner who understands your industry, allowing us to attract and screen the best people, navigate compliance standards, and help develop sustainable workforce solutions. Each search is customized based on your organization’s unique needs, timelines, and budget.

What We Offer

  • Contingent Staffing

    Arm your company with best of the skilled workforce

    More and more businesses are considering contingent staffing as an advantage given that it helps them address two pertinent issues – rising costs and changing technology. As companies struggle to find staff with critical skills in a changing technological scenario, contractors, consultants, temps and advisers are becoming more common than before. If you are looking for organizational flexibility at reduced costs, we can step in with the skillset you are looking for, on demand. When you partner with Techorbit, your hire and recruit costs come down through our centralized management of sourcing, interviewing, tracking, management as well as onboarding and employee engagement or retention services.

    At Techorbit, we are equipped with the understanding of how contingent staffing can help your business grow. We are also trained to address some of the oft-overlooked aspects such as the company’s lack of expertise in managing their contingent staff or strategizing for them. Techorbit has a rich track record of analyzing the trends and ensuring that companies are armed with the best technical talent that they might require, helping them address some of the crucial financial, operational and business-related decisions with agility. This can also help companies work towards a business model that is based on effective ownership and accountability.

  • Direct Staffing
  • Statement of Work
  • Payroll & Compliance Solutions

How we Do it

At Techorbit , we’ve got the broad talent and extensive expertise only a large, established organization can offer. At the same time, we provide flexibility and accessibility, typically only available from a much smaller company.
In this way, we bridge the gaps between business, people, and technology to deliver real bottom-line value in your world.

What You Get

We work closely with your team to define processes, set-up performance SLAs, and design local and national recruitment strategies.

  • A thoughtfully curated technology experts for you to complement your core teams.
  • Leveraging our extensive talent pool, industry-specialized expertise, and your brand, we find that “purple squirrel” for you.
  • Employee Care team to proactively manage workers throughout the engagement life cycle, ensuring timely issue resolution, higher motivation level, and reduced attrition.
  • A dedicated stewardship team to optimize each and every project to reduce costs, accelerate outputs, and avoid pitfalls to give you the peace of mind of knowing your ultimate success is our priority.